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peace, love, cats & coffee

Welcome to KAFE KUCING !



Our café is called KAFE KUCING, which means cat café in Indonesian language, and it's is located right in front of our charity shop.  We opened on April 17th 2023 and since the opening our café has been fairly busy every day, serving yummy drinks, cat cookies, kitty cupcakes etc for our cat loving customers.

Our humble tiny cat café may be a very teeny tiny café, but it sure is unique. All decorations and artwork are our own, and all our drinks are fresh and homemade.  And maybe our little café will is going to help put Gili islands on the map for all cat tourists around the world!

KAFE KUCING is open Mondays to Saturdays from 11 am to 4pm.


We have finally opened a humble little cat cafe!

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  • we are a charity cafe for Cats Of Gili

  • there is no entrance fee to the cafe, but naturally  would be lovely if you buy something or leave a donation when you visit to cuddle our kitties and take gazillion photos

  • we do not take reservations. We are a tiny cafe, 4 tables only, so occasionally we may be full. Usually afternoons are more busy, so pop in after we open at 11am to have a more quiet cafe visit.

  • this is an outside cafe. So no aircon, sorry. Order a refreshing drink to cool down.

  • outside cafe also means our cafe cats are free to come and go. There are several cats around but sometimes they may be having a nap somewhere else or just aren't interested in interacting with humans. Which is totally understandable, isn't it?

  • we do not have canned or bottled drinks. We serve homemade drinks only. Want a coca cola or a bintang? Go buy one from Gili Golf bar next door, you can come drink it in our cafe.

  • we are a refill station for drinking water so you can get your bottle filled here

  • please be understanding if we don't have time to chat and are running around like maniacs. We have minimum staff running the show and if it's busy, it is crazeeee!

  • When visiting the cafe, please also do visit our charity shop, and do some shopping. We have all kind of cat stuff: t-shirts, tote bags, cat art, magnets etc etc etc. Plus stuff for cats: cat food and other basics.

Every rupiah you spend in our cafe or charity shop helps us continue our work with the Gili island cats.

Here is some information for visitors:

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