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100% of the donations go to cats

Donations will help us continue our work!

Donate Online: WISE or PayPal


With Wise/Transferwise you can send Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) directly to our local bank account. We prefer this option for online donations, as Wise is fast and cheap and money goes directly to our bank account. All you need to know is our email address (use info @ to be able to send us some much needed rupiah.

You can also donate via PayPal.

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Our GlobalGiving campaign


We have a fundraising campaign at Global Giving. The campaign gives you an option to become a monthly donor too!



Where does the money go?

100% of donations goes to further help our feline islanders. Donation money will be spent mostly on cat food, medicines and vaccines.


2022 UPDATE, Covid situation and little MEOW FOR HELP:

The past few years have sure been weird. We had barely recovered from the horrors of 2018 earthquakes, when covid came in the beginning of 2020 and put a stop to pretty much everything, everywhere. The Gili islands live from tourism, so when the whole world stopped traveling, we were in trouble.

People lost their jobs and income, businesses were forced to close. Many people left the islands. And our island cats got hungry, when there were no friendly tourists sharing their meals with cats, or restaurants and warungs giving left over foods to their resident kitties. 

For over two years we had to go around the island and feed hundreds of hungry cats. Every day, rain or shine. We also supported several local families with cats by giving them free cat food. We went through hundreds of kilos of cat food every month, and it has cost us a fortune.

In normal times our little charity shop in Gili Trawangan makes a bit of money and helps us support our work quite nicely, but during the covid years, we mostly had expenses only and barely any income. We had to rely on cat loving people around the world to help and support us, so we could keep going and keep our island cats well fed. There are no words to express how grateful we are for the love and support we have received in the past few years. Thank you and the warmest loudest purrs!

Right now (writing this in May 2022), things are finally starting to look better. Tourists are returning, businesses are opening, people have jobs again. We are so excited to see our little islands have not been forgotten! We can now slowly fade away the daily cat feedings and we have even seen some real, actual tourists and travelers visit our little shop again!

But the covid years really destroyed us financially so it will take a while until we are really back on our paws. We still, always, need donations to help us continue our work. 

Thank you, terima kasih, meow!

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