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Helping local families to feed their cats

Supporting local cat loving families


Gili humans love cats! Everyone has cats. Not just homes, but every dive shop, hotel, resort, homestay, warung, shop, bar... they all have their happy (and often fat) pet cats.  

But then came Covid. Gili islands live from tourism, and since March 2020 and covid restrictions on travel, our islands have been empty. Most businesses closed and people lost their jobs and income. And if you are struggling to have enough money to feed your family, cat food is not your top priority.

More and more people started come ask for help. We have been handing out free cat food for those who need it, but as we are already feeding hundreds of "homeless" cats, our cat food costs started to be just mental. We needed help, and not just general help, but direct help towards local families with cats. 

We launched our PURR IT FORWARD campaing in February 2021.


You can join the campaign and help by buying some cat food from us. Buy for anyone who needs, as much as you want. We will then put PURR IT FORWARD -coupons on our shop wall, and anyone who comes to ask for free cat food, can pick up a pre-paid-PURR-coupon and get the food.

Or do you want to help out your local friends who have cats? Buy them some cat food! Send us the money, message us and tell who the food is for, and then tell your friends to come pick up the food from our cat shop.

Please see the prices and payment info below. Drop us a message once you have made the payment, just to make sure the money will PURRRRRRRR!

Thank you, terima kasih, meow!

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