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Our Work

This is what we do!

We organize free spay & neuter clinics

There are cats all over the beautiful Gili islands in Indonesia.

Cats Of Gili is a non-profit animal welfare project to help our feline islanders.

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The main thing we do is to organize big - and free - spay & neuter clinics.

When Cats Of Gili - prpject was started back in 2013, there seriously was an issue with cats here. There were too many cats and not all cats were healthy or happy. KIttens were everywhere. Breeding was totally out of control, therefore organizing big spay/neuter clinics has been, and still is, our main job. With spay and neuter, we hope that at some point we may have less cats but a healthier, happier cat population.

Since Cats of Gili project was launched in September 2013, we have organized 15 big cat clinics. In these clinics nearly 3500 cats have visited the vets and of those about 2900 cats have been spayed or neutered.

This already has made a difference! You see lots of healthy, happy - and fat - cats roaming the streets and restaurants! But as the Gili islands have thousands of cats, the spay/neuter project must be continued, and this is why we organize 2-4 free cat clinics per year. We get a team of volunteer vets and cat catchers come over and we usually spend 3-4 days on each island and spay/neuter as many cats as we possibly can. 

If you see cats around that have a triangular piece of ear missing, that usually is a sign that the cat has been to our clinic and has been spayed or neutered. We mark the cats this way, so that when the next clinic comes, we do not spend time catching cats that have already been to our previous clinics.

If you are on the Gili islands during our cat clinics, please come and help out! Or just pop in to show support and maybe leave a little donation to help us cover the costs?

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