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Gili Cat Clinic

Veterinary care for our feline islanders

We finally have our own vet and a vet clinic in Gili Trawangan!

Things are starting to look better and better for our island felines! We finally hired a vet and opened a permanent clinic for cats.


Everyone: meet our new Cat Doctor Sully Tanaem! She moved over from Surabaya after she graduated from university and started working for our cats. Sully has visited Gili islands many times in the past and even volunteered on our big spay/neuter clinics. Her sister also lives here, so the Gili islands are very familiar to vet Sully.


When she contacted us in the beginning of 2020 asking if we might have a job for her, we were all paws up, HELL YES! We desperately needed a vet here and we needed a vet who wants to be here, who wants to work with cats and who loves cats. We also wanted a vet that we choose and who works for us and nobody else. Vet Sully ticked all boxes and we were able to start making plans.

Then Covid-19 happened. Our islands went into lockdown and all our plans and schedules flew out the window. We just had to wait.

Vet Sully finally moved here in August 2020. First to help out, see how things are done, gain more experience by working together with more experienced vets we brought over, and just to get a feel of what our island cats are dealing with.

Once we got all paperwork and licences sorted, we were finally able to open the clinic officially and publicly in---------


Gili Cat Clinic is now open at Cats Of Gili -building next to Gili Golf. We are open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm. Vet Sully is also on call for emergencies outside our opening hours.

To book an appoinment please Whatsapp  

Our clinic for cats is still charity work, most of our patients are cats who do not have homes. We do have a pricelist for the services we offer and encourage donations to help us cover the costs of running a vet clinic.

Traveling to Gili islands


Getting to Gili islands is very easy, once you fly to either Bali or Lombok. There are several fast boat companies traveling between Bali and the Gili islands daily and the boat trip takes about 2 hours or more.


If you choose to fly to Lombok instead, you have to take a taxi or hire a private car to take you to a harbour and then get a boat to your destination Gili island (Air, Meno or Trawangan). Public boats as well as private speed boats are available.

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