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Cats Of Gili

helping our feline islanders

Cats Of Gili is an animal welfare charity project to help the cats of the Gili Islands, Indonesia.

The project is acting under Gili Eco Trust (GET), an environmental organization of the Gilis. As GET already has lots of issues to handle, there was a need to have someone to concentrate on cats only. Therefore, Cats Of Gili was launched in September 2013, got Gili Eco Trust to support, as well as Gili Island Dive Association (GIDA) backing up. So now our feline friends have their own project and a dedicated crazy cat lady Susanna who runs the whole show!

What we do?

Cats Of Gili organizes big spay/neuter clinics couple of times a year. The aim is to neuter and spay cats, and that way get the breeding under control. Of course, whenever we have vets visiting, we treat all cats in need. We also spread information, for example via our facebook page, instagram and this website. We collect donations, both money and supplies to help us to help the cats. We have basic medication available and a tiny cat hospital at our charity shop building, aka Meowquarters!. 


Our charity shop in Gili Trawangan sells cat food, T-shirts, cat souveniers and other cat stuff, and all profits from the shop go to further fund our efforts. 

We are doing the best we can, with the resources we have. We hope that in the future we may have less cats on the islands, but a healthier and happier cat population.

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